Best Residential Home Inspection Services near Denver, CO

Buying a home is a big investment. In most cases, it represents a milestone people eventually make in their lifetime. So many moving parts can make this significant step a daunting financial decision. Reputable and experienced home inspection companies have proven to be especially valuable when buying a home. Their insight into the property’s condition can significantly affect whether an interested buyer seals the deal or moves to the next property.

As a home buyer, hiring a professional home inspector near you is the safest and most effective way to ensure the investment is worthwhile. Green Door Home Inspections thoroughly and professionally inspects the property, checking for any defects, damages or issues that may compromise the buyer’s safety or comfort.

Denver, Colorado, Home Inspections

Our attention to detail in every home inspection process makes us the best home inspectors in Denver, Colorado. We have well-trained and experienced home inspectors who work with clients to help them feel confident in their investments and possible future homes.

Green Door Home Inspections’ priority is safeguarding the client’s peace of mind by letting them know they’re being cared for by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. We ensure every homeowner’s living space is healthy, safe and properly maintained.

It’s vital to have a certified home inspector who can provide in-depth home inspection services, whether the client is a new buyer, currently owns a property or is looking to invest in and rent out the property.

Does Colorado Regulate Home Inspectors?

The amount of government oversight usually varies by state when it comes to home inspection regulations. In Colorado, home inspectors aren’t regulated, so it’s up to the buyer and seller to do their homework to get the best deal from the house-buying/selling process.

We advise prospective homeowners to rely on professional home inspections to know what they’re getting into before signing any documents. Our home inspectors comb through the house for any signs of damages, defects or potential issues with the roof, floors or electrical system.

However, regardless of state regulations, hiring an experienced and educated home inspection company is vital to ensure the property’s quality.

How Much Does an Inspection Cost in Colorado?

A standard home inspection service in Colorado conducted by a reputable home inspector can range from $300 to $700-plus, depending on the property’s age, location and square footage. Larger properties typically require longer inspection times, while older homes tend to have more issues.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Complete an Inspection?

Since every property is unique, the time our home inspectors spend inspecting each home can vary greatly. A good home inspection usually takes 2-5 hours to complete, but depending on a range of factors, it can be much longer.

We also don’t advise rushing through the home inspection process and potentially missing something big. Our home inspection team is trained to look for property integrity and safety issues.

Major factors that determine the time spent by home inspection companies in assessing properties include the following:

  • Size of the house
  • Type of foundation
  • When the house was built
  • The weather
  • Condition of the property
  • Home inspector’s experience

Some home inspection teams work in teams, making the inspection process go more quickly and efficiently. However, even with added help, a comprehensive home inspection service will last a minimum of 1 hour.

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