Best Residential Home Inspection Services near Castle Rock, CO

Getting a residential home inspection when buying a house isn’t always a must, but it’s certainly a good idea. Consider it a way to protect your safety, health and monetary investment. An inspection occurs after the seller accepts your offer but before you officially purchase the home. If you need a residential home inspection in Castle Rock, Colorado, Green Door Home Inspections can help. 

What Are Certified Residential Home Inspections?

Home inspectors perform certified residential home inspections. These assessments are ideal to help you learn more about the property’s overall condition beyond what you can see at the surface level. For instance, the foundation might appear fine at first glance, but it may have issues that won’t be evident without a deeper look by a trained professional. 

During the inspection, all the critical aspects of the property are checked over. This includes the HVAC system, electrical work, staircases, the roof, water systems and the foundation. 

These inspections are vital to understanding the depth of any possible issues that will likely only worsen over time. It also gives everyone involved in the home-buying process a chance to decide about the next steps. As the buyer, you may decide the issues are too complex and call off the deal, or you may negotiate and ask the seller to reduce the price or address certain issues. 

What Does a Home Inspector Look For?

A seemingly perfect home might be hiding some dark secrets. It’s the home inspector’s job to find them.

Some issues the home inspector checks for include:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Mold
  • Windows that don’t close properly
  • Leaks under the sinks
  • Missing roof shingles
  • Troublesome circuit breakers 

With experience and know-how, the inspector can spot things that may otherwise not be so obvious.

The residential home inspector inspects the entire home, from top to bottom. However, there are limits as to what they can and can’t do. For instance, they can’t provide estimates for how much repairs might cost, but they can note that something isn’t working as it should.

What Is the Biggest Red Flag in a Residential Home Inspection?

Many issues can be considered red flags during a residential home inspection, but three major ones could be especially problematic:

  • Black mold: It spreads fast and may cause residents to experience numerous health problems, including breathing issues and infections. Mold is often visible, but you may not see it until you start looking for it. Additional signs can include bubbling paint, a musty smell and grout that looks abnormally dark.  Not all mold is black mold, even when it appears that it is, but all mold should be addressed.  Having an experienced home inspector can help you make the right decision when it comes to discovering mold in your potential new home.
  • Roof issues: The roof keeps everything from animals to rain out of your home. Potential roof issues worsen over time, leading to costly problems in the future, likely sooner rather than later. Indications of possible roof damage include wet spots on the ceiling after inclement weather, shingles curling up on the ends and visible discoloration on the ceiling from a previous water leak.

If a home fails inspection, all the parties involved in the real estate transaction must determine how to proceed. The buyer can decide the property is no longer worth purchasing and withdraw from the deal. 

The buyer usually has three options if they still want the property: 

  1. Taking the property as-is and for the discussed price
  2. Negotiating the price 
  3. Requesting that the seller makes the appropriate repairs 

Should You Waive a Home Inspection on an Investment Property for a Better Deal?

It’s never a good idea to waive a home inspection, even on an investment property. Many things could be problematic on a property, and most are incredibly difficult for the untrained eye to detect. 

Even if you plan to use the home as an investment property in or near Castle Rock, and it won’t be your primary residence, it still needs to be in suitable condition. The tenants deserve to know you took every precaution to ensure their safety, and you want to minimize the number of calls you receive from tenants asking you to address problems that arise.

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