Appliance life expectancy.

Every appliance in your home has an average life expectancy. Some appliances will last quite a long time ( I owned a 30yr old gas furnace at one point!). Others, not so much. So how do you know when to expect a replacement unit?

Several factors go into the expected longevity of any appliance like make, model, maintenance schedules and usage. Some manufactures may disclose that number for you, or you just have to do your own research.

Here is a guide from Consumer Research showing average life expectancy from the most common appliances in your home:

So, how old is your appliance? Check the manufacture’s label that is usually permanently installed on the unit itself. There may be an exact date of manufacture on that label, or there may be a code. Calling the manufacturer and providing the code and/or serial number is usually enough to verify age. You can also use this free website to look up most appliance information.

If you have any trouble, give us a call. As a home inspector here in Colorado, I can look up the information for you and find out if there have been any recalls on that specific unit as well. Here in Castle Rock, Colorado, Winters can be especially hard on furnaces and summers very hard on air conditioners. Do your maintenance and plan on budgeting for that inevitable replacement.

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