Do I really need a Home Inspection?

This is a booming Real Estate market. Homes are being listed and sold so fast (30days) that buyers are forced to make decisions quickly and make offers on the spot. One tactic buyers use is to forgo an inspection with their offer in order to convince a seller that they are ready to move in, no matter what. But, is that safe? Do you REALLY need an inspection here in Castle Rock, or anywhere else?

The answer is YES. Even the best kept home can have material defects and hazardous issues that you may not notice by just doing a simple walk-through. Are they selling with an unknown issue? Is there a leak behind that newly painted wall? Are there signs of mold or other air quality issues? Has there been mass water intrusion into the basement or crawl-space in the past? Are there repair costs that will affect your wallet down the road? The list goes on. So what is a buyer to do?

Stick to your guns. Schedule an inspection from a Certified Professional Inspector and move quickly. If all of your other ducks are in a row……(ie, pre-approval letters, down payment plans, earnest money etc)…. then find an inspector with flexible work hours and the ability to schedule quickly online. Show the sellers that you are motivated and ready, but smart.

Even if you have to adjust your offer (Higher) to be more attractive, you can save money in the long-term with an inspection. The cost of an inspection (we start at $365 for small homes) is pennies compared to the home values in the Castle Rock area (Estimated median house or condo value in 2016: $445,400) and NOTHING compared to expenses for major repairs in your house. Armed with a strong offer and a home inspection report, you can work with your realtors to negotiate a final sale price.

It’s possible to lose the negotiation battle when you demand an inspection first (I did!), but you will be much better off knowing that a qualified professional has helped you with your due diligence and is working for YOU. These homes are expensive and can be life-long investments. Don’t get wrapped up into the hype and purchase something you will regret later.

What's Included in a Home Inspection

Infographic courtesy of Spectora

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