What is a Range Anti-Tip Device?

Did your inspector make a comment about the lack of an Anti-Tip device? Don’t panic! Let’s take 2 minutes and discuss this little device.

An Anti-Tip device is a very simple bracket that provides a very important safety feature. It is designed to prevent a fixture from tipping over unexpectedly.

It’s that simple. Nowadays, we see these installed on large dressers, televisions and even refrigerators. They cost less than $10, and are often included for free with a new appliance, like your freestanding range/oven.

This is one of the most common issues we find during a typical home inspection. Our inspectors simply pull back on the top oven and if it starts to tip over, we set it down and make a recommendation to have the Anti Tip device installed.

How big of a deal is the lack of this device? Well, that is up to you (the new owner). If you have small children, the door to the oven could be in the open position and used like a ladder. The now weighted down door could cause the entire oven to tip over, injuring the child. Again, it’s up to you. As inspectors, we are working for our client’s best interest. We’d rather you are aware and make a decision, than not know at all. If you’d like to read more about the device, read this from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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